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Life insurance can be used for a variety of purposes. It can cover a mortgage and protect your dependents after you are gone. Seventy-one percent of Americans have stated that life insurance is a necessity. However, only 59 percent of people have it.

Life insurance can benefit the primary breadwinner of the family. It can serve as an income replacement so that a family can take care of the household bills after the breadwinner is gone. Term life insurance is a good option for these people.

Life insurance can also benefit the stay-at-home parent. It will ensure that child care and other services that a child needs are paid for. You can get term life insurance so that your children will be covered while they are young.

The divorced parent needs to have life insurance. It can cover the support payments that the divorced parent makes if he or she happens to pass away. You can get term life insurance because it will cover the years that the support payments have to be made.

If you are the parent of a disabled child, then you will need to get permanent life insurance. This will ensure that your child is taken care of after you are gone.

If you have co-signed a debt, such as a credit card or student loan, then you will also need life insurance. You can get term life insurance that will last until the payments have been completed.

You can leave an inheritance to your loved ones by getting life insurance. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a lot of wealth to leave an inheritance. You will be able to leave a small inheritance by getting life insurance.

You can also benefit from getting life insurance if you are a business owner. It can be used to pay off your business debts. You can get permanent or term life insurance. The issue that needs to be solved will determine whether you need to get permanent or term life insurance.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about how your loved ones are going to pay for your funeral, then you should definitely consider getting life insurance. It is best for you to get permanent life insurance if you want the money to be put towards funeral expenses. This money can also be used for other final expenses such as unpaid electricity, rent and water.